Locations view enables you to view data from terminals on a map.

The filters are: All, Online, Unpaired and Offline. The filter works for display of terminals on the map and for the display of terminals on a list under the map. All is selected by default.

Each terminal is displayed on a map as a circle: current LAF and the difference from limit value are shown. If the difference from limit value is negative (current LAF value is under the limit value), there is a green dot next to it. If the limit value is exceeded, a red dot is displayed.

If you have a weather station connected to the terminal, wind direction is also displayed. Wind speed is displayed as a color, according to the Beaufort scale:

Beaufort number Name of wind Wind speed [m/s]
0 Calm < 0.5
1 Light air 0.5 – 1,5
2 Light breeze 1.6 – 3.3
3 Gentle breeze 3.4 – 5.5
4 Moderate breeze 5.5 – 7.9
5 Fresh breeze 8 – 10.7
6 Strong breeze 10.8  -13.8
7 High wind 13.9 – 17.1
8  Gale 17.2  -20.7
9 Strong gale 20.8 – 24.4
10 Storm 24.5 – 28.4
11 Violent storm 28.5  -32.6
12 Hurricane force ≥ 32.7

If you select a terminal by clicking on it either on the map or in the list below the map, additional data are shown. In the upper rectangle terminal name and serial number are shown. In the middle rectangle the LAF graph for the last 60 seconds is shown. You can use the mouse to hover on the graph to display the time and LAF value. In the bottom rectangle terminal’s status and sound level meter status are shown. If you click the terminal on the map again, you are taken to Data viewer

Under the map there is a list of terminals. Each terminal is represented by a rectangle displaying terminal name, LAF, wind speed, and wind direction. The color of the left border of the rectangle indicates terminal status: green means the terminal is online, red means the terminal is offline. If the connected weather station supports rainfall measurement, rain animation is shown here in case of rain.

You can navigate the map by panning (click and drag) and zooming (use mouse wheel or click +/- buttons in the upper left corner).

You can toggle full screen view by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the map.

Above the map in the upper right corner there is a “Click for more info” button. Clicking it opens a pop-up with more information. The visibility of the button and the content of the pop-up window can be edited in Settings.