Update 3.3.0 – 3.3.3

New features:

  • Added client’s logo in “Map view” (top left corner)
  • Added button in “Map view” for displaying more information. (On click a modal is opened.) Content of the modal can be edited in “Settings view”
  • Added email notifications when the terminal is not sending data for 5 minutes (This option can be turned on/off for each terminal in “Edit terminal” screen, page “Notification 3”.)
  • New feature “Report” (For generating month reports in Excel.)
  • Added information about the terminal’s storage (When hovering over STATUS on the terminal in “Terminal view”.)
  • On “Data viewer” recording playback gain is now 0-200% (previously 0-100)
  • In “Data viewer” you can select different frequency weightings (A, C, Z)
  • Sound correction options (This is set on the terminal screen during the pairing process.)
  • “Data viewer”: more options for viewing graphs. The ability to expand or collapse graphs. The option to view “Marine Traffic” data was added.
  • Visual changes to the main menu
  • A dropdown instead of a textfield for organization selection
  • Added rain animation on terminal’s card in “Map view”
  • “Backup” renamed to “Offline dataviewer”


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed threshold not presenting correctly on terminals’ markers in both “Marine Traffic’s” and “Data viewer’s” map module
  • Fixed date range selection in “Report”